Client Services

We understand that our clients are looking for practical solutions to address their sustainability challenges. To meet this demand, we are investing in the development of new expertise and services to meet these challenges.

Leveraging our Capabilities for Maximum Sustainability

As a service provider, we have a unique opportunity to help clients with their own carbon challenges in terms of the advice and solutions we deliver. Considering sustainability principles through our service offerings ensures clients can manage risks, maximize environmental stewardship and identify new business opportunities.
When recommending "greener" IT infrastructure and solutions, we create action plans that:

  • Identify the impact and risks of sustainability
  • Assess the impact of existing and forthcoming legislation
  • Analyze the technology landscape and its implications
  • Build tools to monitor and report progress, and facilitate compliance

Creating Customer-Focused Solutions

Sustainability is embedded in many of the solutions we offer. By fostering innovation, it provides concrete benefits to our clients. Key solutions include our:

  • Smart Energy Services portfolio, which covers the full spectrum of smart metering, smart grid, smart home and smart analytics solutions
  • Merlin sustainable data center, which provides clients with cost-effective, secure, resilient, flexible and environmentally considerate services
  • BPO sustainability service, which provides carbon accounting for Capgemini and our clients
  • Sustainable Procurement service, which embeds sustainable procurement into a client’s current operations
  • BeLeanTM approach, which provides a method to “green” processes by eliminating waste while supporting business growth
  • Closed loop supply chain, which focuses on using sustainable biodegradable materials and re-using materials in production processes
  • Cloud computing advisory and consulting services, which assist companies into integrating cloud computing into their IT and business strategies