Annual Report 2016

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2016 Highlights

p.4 - Our strategy: A passion for technology
p.6 - Conversation: Paul Hermelin and three new recruits discuss the future
p.10 - Board of Directors
p.12 - Executive Committee
p.14 - Managerial team
p.16 - 2016 in figures
p.20 - 2016 in words
p.24 - Our businesses: The digital transition
p.26 - Creating value for our clients
p.28 - Digital transformation at scale
p.32 - Financial Services: A sea of changes
p.34 - Bank of Ireland & Capgemini: Building the bank of the future
p.36 - Forward-looking partnerships
p.37 - Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution: The digital boom
p.38 - IKEA & Capgemini:Improving the customer experience
p.40 - New jobs, new skills
p.42 - Automotive: The drive to a connected future
p.44 - Always more competitiveness
p.46 - Our presence: A global footprint
p.48 - Capgemini around the world
p.50 - North America: A pivotal market
p.53 - Latin America: Rise of a global player
p.54 - Europe: A wave of digital transformation
p.56 - Asia-Pacific: In full swing
p.58 - India: At the heart of Capgemini
p.62 - Our commitments: Sustainable engagement
p.64 - Unleashing talent
p.66 - Empowering our people
p.70 - Fostering responsibility
p.72 - Our connections
p.74 - On the web
p.76 - Across the world