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2018 Full Year Results Analyst Presentation

2018 Q3 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2018 H1 Results Analyst Presentation

2018 Q1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2017 Full Year Results Analyst Presentation

2017 Q3 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2017 H1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2017 Q1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2016 Full Year Results Analyst Presentation

2016 Q3 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2016 H1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2016 Q1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

Full Year 2015 Results Analyst Presentation

2015 Q3 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2015 H1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

Analyst Day 2015: Strategic Update: Presented by Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO

Analyst Day 2015: Portfolio Update: Presented by Olivier Sevillia, CEO of Application Services Two, Executive Vice President of the Capgemini Group

Analyst Day 2015: Cybersecurity: Presented by Franck Greverie, Global Head of Cybersecurity and Corporate Vice President for the Capgemini Group

Analyst Day 2015: Industrialization: Presented by Andre Cichowlas, Head of Delivery and Competitiveness and member of the Group Executive Committee

Analyst Day 2015: Managed services as-a-Stack: Presented by Mark Woodhams from NETSUITE and Carole Murphy, Head of BPO Business Transformation Services

Analyst Day 2015: Insights Data: Presented by John Brahim, CEO of Application Services Two

Analyst Day 2015: Digital Customer Experience: Presented by Nicolas Aidoud, CEO of Prosodie-Capgemini and Fernando Alvarez, Corporate Vice President and Global Chief Digital Officer for Capgemini Consulting

Analyst Day 2015: Margin Ambition: Presented by Aiman Ezzat, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of the Capgemini Group

Capgemini to acquire IGATE Accelerate implementation of global strategy

2015 Q1 Revenues Analyst Presentation

2014 Full Year Results Analyst Presentation

2014 Q3 Revenues Presentation

H1 2014 Results

Market Dynamics

Portfolio Transformation

Augmented Competitiveness

Organic Growth Journey

Strategic Partnership: Caixa and Capgemini


2013 Full Year Results

2013 Half-Year Results

2012 Full Year Results

Q3 Revenues 2012

H1 2012 Results

Big Data / Capgemini HANA

Business Analytics at Global Scale in Unilever


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