2020 – Bonds issuance (1st) April 8, 2020

In April 2020, Capgemini successfully issued a total of €3.5 billion bonds comprising four tranches:

  • €500 million 2-year notes (the 2022 tranche), with a coupon of 1.250% (issue price 99.794%),
  • €800 million 6-year notes (the 2026 tranche), with a coupon of 1.625% (issue price 99.412%),
  • €1 billion 9-year notes (the 2029 tranche), with a coupon of 2.000% (issue price 99.163%) and
  • €1.2 billion 12-year notes (the 2032 tranche), with a coupon of 2.375% (issue price 99.003%).

This bond offering was a great success with an oversubscription of about 4.5 times. The proceeds of this bond issue was used to refinance the bridge loan entered into in the context of the acquisition of Altran Technologies and for general corporate purposes of the Group, including the redemption of the €676 million principal amount outstanding under the bonds maturing on July 1, 2020 (ISIN FR0012821932).

Carole Ferrand, Chief Financial Officer of Capgemini, said: “The strong interest of the financial markets generated by this bond issue, in the current market context marked by the Covid‑19 crisis, demonstrates investors’ confidence in the quality of Capgemini’s financial profile. It is also an illustration of the support for the strategy that led the Group to acquire Altran in order to position itself as a leader in the digital transformation of industrial and technology companies. Lastly, this refinancing transaction does extend the average maturity of our indebtedness without increasing its overall amount”.


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