Capgemini holds more than 55% of Altran’s share capital following the reopening of the tender offer February 13, 2020 2:00 pm (CET) Download pdf 112 KB

Capgemini holds more than 55% of Altran’s share capital following the reopening of the tender offer


 Paris, February 13, 2020 – The French financial market authority (Autorité des marchés financiers – AMF) announced today that 139,238,924 Altran shares have been tendered following the reopening of the friendly tender offer of Capgemini (Euronext Paris: CAP) for Altran Technologies (Euronext Paris: ALT). Upon settlement and delivery of the tender offer, scheduled on February 21, 2020, Capgemini will hold 54.17% of Altran’s share capital and at least 54.04% of Altran’s voting rights[1]. Taking into account treasury shares held by Altran, Capgemini will hold 55.13 % of Altran’s share capital and at least 55.00 % of Altran’s voting rights. In the event of a decision[2] by the Paris Court of Appeal confirming the AMF’s clearance decision on the tender offer, Capgemini will reopen the tender offer again based on the same financial terms for an additional period of ten trading days[3].

Capgemini’s offer document and Altran’s response document, as approved by the AMF on October 14, 2019 under visa no. 19-489 and visa no. 19-490 respectively, as well as documents relating to the other information of each company, are available on the AMF website (, and on the websites of Capgemini ( or Altran ( These documents can be obtained free of charge from Capgemini (11 rue de Tilsitt, 75017 Paris, France) or Altran (96 avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France), depending on whether they relate to Capgemini or Altran.



This press release is disseminated for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to purchase, or a solicitation of an offer to sell, any securities of Altran.

Investors and shareholders are strongly advised to read the documentation relating to the tender offer, which includes the terms and conditions of the offer, as well as any amendments or supplements to those documents as they will contain important information about Capgemini, Altran and the proposed transaction.

This press release must not be published, broadcast or distributed, directly or indirectly, in any country in which the distribution of this information is subject to legal restrictions. The tender offer will not be open to the public in jurisdictions in which its launch is subject to legal restrictions.

The publication, broadcasting or distribution of this press release in certain countries may be subject to legal or regulatory restrictions. Therefore, persons located in countries where this press release is published, broadcasted or distributed must inform themselves about and comply with such restrictions. Capgemini disclaims any responsibility for any violation of such restrictions.

[1] On the basis of a total number of 257,021,105 Altran shares representing 257,652,732 voting rights as of January 31, 2020, and without taking into account the 2,461,800 treasury shares held by Altran.

[2] The decision of the Court of Appeal of Paris on the claim filed by a shareholder is expected by March 19 2020.

[3] See the AMF notice 219C2818 dated December 18, 2019. Capgemini has also committed not to file any new tender offer nor to implement any statutory merger based on a price per Altran share higher than the offer price for at least 18 months from January 14, 2020. (See Capgemini’s press release dated January 14, 2020).

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